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is back...

BIGGER and BETTER than before!!!

With a spacious 270m long, four-tiered Golf Driving Range overlooking the Singapore city skyline, Marina Bay Golf Course (MBGC) offers a perfect location for drone racing.

The outfield is large, with tall netting in place for safety. Flood lights also allow racing at night without the need for any special lighting arrangements on the course, making it really exciting! Participants and spectators can enjoy a delicious snack on the second floor of the Canopy, while taking in a bird's eye view of the beautiful Marina Bay skyline, in-between heats. 

Highlights for the event include:

- Participants from around the Asian region, including internationally renowned top racers.

- A full day of racing and drone-related activities.

- Massive multi level, internationally sanctioned race course across the field with Singapore's enchanting city skyline as a backdrop.

- Simulations, mini-drone course and live projections for spectators and families.

- Aerial photography demonstrations and drone displays.

- Complimentary admission for spectators and families.



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